Scafis design office supports you by preparing estimated designs and assembly drawings.

Professional, motivated, competent engineers and specialized technicians can work for any type of industrial, high-rise construction and infastructure business.

We can work on any type of drawings which are invented for construction and industrial business. Some of are listed below.

Autocad Drawings

Revitt Drawings

Solidworks Drawings

Tekla Structures Drawings

3D Max


Scafis supervisors are on site! They currently are making a valuable contribution to ensure the whole work with the client´s specifications. With a good synergy of our design engineers, our competent and experienced supervisor are in your construction sites for work safety and right application of drawings. Our supervisors are ready for your

Construction Projects

High Rise Building Projects

Infastructure Projects

Restoration Projects

Industrial Maintenance Projects

Insdustrial Construction Projects


Transportation of your materials is as important as choosing the right supplier/manufacturer. As Scafis, we are here to support you even with our transportation options. FOB and EXW are the ones which are the most common, Let’s first talk about these. Most of our projects are EXW but if customers would like us we are able to deliver their materials like transportation methods below EXW…

EXW (Ex Works): This is the most basic shipping method we can provide. We make the items available to pick up at the factory and the responsibility finishes when the items are on trailer. The buyer is responsible for transporting it from the factory to the designations and also responsible for all costs, risks etc…

FOB (Free on Board): For the FOB option, we ship the goods to the closest port, and we are responsible for everything until the customs clearance in this port. We drop this off at the port of shipment, and the Buyer can pick it up themselves or mostly get an asistance from a freight forwarder.

DAP (Delivery At Place): In this option Scafis delivers the goods to the destination that you would like us to deliver your goods to. We assume all the risks with the shipping and either load or pays a third party to load the goods for shipment. The only responsibility of Buyer is for paying the customs fee and customs clearance. The buyer also unloads the good in destination.


Engineering: Our 12 years of experienced engineering department and support team specialize in scaffolding and formwork solutions. We find the safest, cost-effective and easiest ways for you to construct, use and dismantle your building and maintenance materials to meet your job requirements. When you purchase Scafis products, even you have the list, we inspect and try to find a solution according to the criterias we mentioned above. A solution can’t be only cost-effective, it must be safe and easy at the same time.

Pricing: With our engineering services, we can provide you a detailed scaffolding or formwork package to include the optimized material lists, erection and dismantling quantities or methods. When needed, all scanned drawings and calculations are reviewed and stamped by a our competent and licenced engineers. After starting working with us all of our engineering services are provided by us with no additional costs.

Conclution: We are fully motivated in providing high-class material custom engineering support services for all of  your projects. Whether you are doing a maintenance work or a construction business our experienced engineers will assist your project engineer to provide the most efficient solution for you. This can save a great amount of your time…