Spider Facade Scaffolding

Spider Facade Scaffolding

Spider, is designed for facade and brickworks. Better and safer than conventional solutions. Even for most of the complex facades it can fit and ensures the safe working conditions.
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Facade Scaffolding

S235JRH steel is the material that we produce SCAFIS SPIDER façade scaffoldings. Hot dip galvanizing coating makes it long last. Painted alternative is also available.

Easy, Quick and Simple

With just a couple of components and a few effort, this logically and safely erected scaffolding is safely and very fast. Because it is assembled without hand tools.

Flexible for Complex Facades

Numerous alternative parts and accessories, permit optimum adaptation to even extremely complex geometries – without much extra effort during assembly. SCAFIS SPIDER façade scaffolding is available in different scaffolding widths and bay lengths with accessories which are developed by customer needs by time.

Safe and Handy

It is able to satisfy all the construction site requirements with its higest safety standards. Scafis Spider Façade scaffolding is ideal for finishing, painting, insulation, brick laying works.

Scafis Spider is as known for safety. It is being produced according to EN 12810. Erect fast, secure, work on it without any fear and dismantle. Scafis Spider can be produced with coating of either hot-dip galvanized or industrial painted.

Scafis is like a neighbor to you. We are fast, we are technical, we are experienced, we are friendly, we are your partner and we are %100 motivated to find solutions to your needs.

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