Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding

Conventional Scaffolding

Cuplock System with the joint of top cup-bottom cup and blades in the ends of ledgers is one of the most preferred system in industry and construction sites.

One System for All Scaffolding Works

It has a few parts, very easy to learn and erect. This scaffolding system can be used as facade scaffolding, working platforms, access towers, shoring towers. All in one!

High Quality

Scafis Cuplock Scaffolding is being manufactured with high quality steel.

Various Types of Projects

Cuplock scaffolding can be used in any type of construction projects, From high-rise buildings to infastructure and energy buildings and concrete tanks and other structures in industry.

This conventional cup-blade joint is one of the strongest joint of all types of scaffolding systems. It is flexible, easy with less material and can be used as shoring systems, facade scaffolding, working platforms and so on.

Scafis is like a neighbor to you. We are fast, we are technical, we are experienced, we are friendly, we are your partner and we are %100 motivated to find solutions to your needs.

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