Challenger Shoring Scaffolding

Challenger Shoring Scaffolding


SCAFIS Challenger Ringlock Scaffolding is the right choice for various combinations. Shoring towers and mass volume scaffoldings can be erected for different geometries and for can be configurable under heavy loads.

Safe, Easy & Fast

The components are light weight, the standards have rings every 50 cm and all parts are compatible with formwork parts. This makes Scafis Challenger efficient and labour cost saver on construction sites.

Challenger Shoring Scaffolding is the universal ringlock scaffolding various loads and purposes. It is lightweight, fast and with these features it has competitive cost . The 50 cm ring spacing makes it quite flexible.

Scafis is very close to you like a neighbor. We are fast, we are technical, we are experienced, we are friendly, we are your partner and we are %100 motivated to find solutions to your needs.

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