Challenger Ringlock Scaffolding

Challenger Ringlock Scaffolding

The Scaffolding Challanges with Every Type of Work

SCAFIS CHALLANGER is the proven scaffolding technology for every type of OPEX-CAPEX projects, shipyards, industrial sites and  common construction sites.

Only One Scaffolding System;

Scafis Challanger can be used for below purposes;

Working at height, access, facadeworks, brickworks, movable, reinforcement, weather protection, shoring, bridging, stage&stand, protection and so many more.

The Most Flexible Scaffolding System

Above all other systems, SCAFIS CHALLENGER has the great combination of scaffolding material and built-in safety at the same time. Scafis Challanger has now become a biggest challenger with modular scaffolding on the world’s scaffolding market.

Cost-Effective, Easy and Safe

Even with very complex geometries and architecture styles, SCAFIS Challenger meets the requirements with easier, safer and more economical solutions. The wedge and ring combination is the little secret of this system.

Erection and Dismantling 

With only 500 grams of a hammer and base adjustment with water gauge, SCAFIS Challenger is the easiest, fastest scaffolding in market.

The lightest, safest, easiest and most reliable and flexible scaffolding all around the world. When it comes to the scaffolding business, with only one system, Scafis Challenger, construction site doesn’t need  any other scaffoldings.

Scafis is very close to you like a neighbor. We are fast, we are technical, we are experienced, we are friendly, we are your partner and we are %100 motivated to find solutions to your needs.

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