Adjustable and Flexible
ULTIMA SLAB FORMWORK has small count of materials as wooden girders and props. The dimensions inbetween timber beams are the determining factor and this makes it flexible. ULTIMA is adjustive even for complex slab geometries and down hang beams.

Easy and Safe
SCAFIS ULTIMA Slab Formwork, is a secured formwork by great combination of high quality material and engineering. It has a great performance which accelerates the labours and this makes ULTIMA schedule friendly.

Area Of Usage
ULTIMA Slab Formwork can be used under and slab. Most preferably; high-rise buildings, airports, malls, hotels, industrial buildings.

Components of Ultima Slab Formwork
Wooden Girders to be selected freely.

Preffered and planned type of plywood

Steel Props and different types of heads for holding the main beams

With ULTIMA, various slab thickness, every floor heights and plans can be formed and casted. We combine our best formwork beams and plywood with our top quality shoring systems.

slab formwork

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