Benefits of Climbing Formwork System

SCAFIS AFT Climbing System is used to carry and support hanging formworks, completed with vertical parapet frame and together with its accessories. It can be moved very quickly by crane. From bottom to top, comple formwork material can be used without changing any component.

Widen Your Units
The consoles of SCAFIS AFT Climbing System are designed according to site requirements and with high load bearing capacity. These consoles enables to use SCAFIS AFT with crane and mount larger panels

Safe Working Conditions
Safe working conditions provided by fully railed-in 2.0 m wide working platform

Area of Usage
SCAFIS AFT Climbing Formwork System is an excellent choice for two sided concrete walls and high rise piers such a viaducts etc

Climb Higher! Engineering, technology, high quality steel and timber. AFT 240 is the best product that can be combination of these.

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