About Us

Scafis Formwork & Scaffolding Ltd.

Scafis Formwork & Scaffolding Ltd. was founded in Istanbul for presenting high quality scaffolding and formwork systems to world construction market. With 14 years of construction, industry experience and network; we provide engineering, manufacturing, design. In addition, supervision at place. With our business partners, we also provide erection and dismantling services if needed.

As Scafis; we strive hard for quality, reliability, solutions for complex works, health & safety and of course providing the best service to our customers either for success.

Scafis Formwork & Scaffolding has the combined production area of 4.000 sqm and total 9.000 sqm with storeyard and headquarters building. Our 70 qualified employees are serving for your demands. In our factory, we can manage 280.000 sqm of facade scaffolding, 220.000 cbm of shoring scaffolding, 88.000 sqm of steel plank and 65.000 sqm of frame formwork annually.

Our production is being managed by our veteran co-workers, who are competent people and experienced manufactuing for 36 years in Germany. In our facilities we have;

about us
  • Cutting and puncturing,
  • Robot welding machines,
  • Roll-form scaffolding planks and toeboard manufacturing
  • CNC cutting and bending machines,
  • Safety barriers, rod cutting and bending machines.

and we work hard and go on investing for sustaining the best quality and manufacturing in accordance with TS EN Standards.

As SCAFIS Formwork & Scaffolding, we adopted many things as principle but two of them are most important for us: QUALITY and RELIABILITY. These two principles made us the global player in world’s market. Above all, we mostly are like family with our customers.

With mutual understanding, our everlasting energy, friendly manner and solution oriented manner, the gainer is always our customers and us.

SCAFIS Formwork & Scaffolding only focuses on abroad projects. We mastered all needs of Western and Eastern European, North African and Middle East markets. Whether the focus is on cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, load capacity, flexibility or surface quality, SCAFIS always has the better solution than other competitors

We are running family business and welcome to our family.

SCAFIS Formwork & Scaffolding – You desire, we made it.

Kind Regards…